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Our topnotch curriculum and highly motivated educators allow us to raise competent students in Christ.


Berea Academy Administration

Mrs Lafargue-Charles [Principal]_edited.jpg
Mrs. Lafargue-Charles

Business Manager, Computer Studies

R. Richards
Mrs Lesa Antoine [Admin Assistant]_edited.jpg

Administration Secretary

Mrs. Lisa Antoine


Teaches Pre-Kindergarten

F. Levy

Teaches Pre-Kindergarten

Mrs Michelle Velasquez [Preschool]_edited.jpg
Mrs. Michelle Velasquez
Ms Teann Johnson [Preschool]_edited.png

Teaches Preschool

Ms. Teann Johnson


R. Lafargue
R. Lafargue
E. Cole Williams
Mrs Patrice Anderson [Grade 1&2]_edited.jpg
Mrs Patrice Anderson

Grades 5-12, Math and Science 

A. Barrett
J. Adair-Laine

Grades 5-12, English and

Social Studies 

D. Moore
G. Livingson

Teaches Art and Spanish

L. King

Teaches Grade 5-12, Bible

Physical Education Instructor

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T. Mercury

Custodial Engineer

M. Labeach

Custodial Engineer

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