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A whole new world is opened up when a student learns to understand music at an early age. Through the development of music literacy, and participation in singing, playing instruments, and listening activities, a student’s emotional and physical well-being is enhanced. The student is carried on to choral, concert band, orchestral music and many other types of ensembles. As skills are developed, the student matures into a confident participant and leader of music in the school, church, and community.





This Spanish curriculum allows teachers and parents to teach the same material to students of multiple ages and experience.  Unlike most Spanish programs that build on previous levels, each one of our school-year long themed packages can be used independently and does not require the student to have previous Spanish experience.

Visual Arts


Learning through the arts involves students drawing on their experiences, exploring feelings, observing and researching. Students learn the elements, principles, processes, and techniques as well as the cultural and aesthetic values associated with specific art forms.

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Multigrade Classrooms

Here a Berea Academy we use Multigrade Learning in our Elementary Grades. To learn more about this method of teaching click here.

Performing Arts


Here at Berea we encourage students to explore art through choir, and drama and yearly plays. Students will receive the necessary tools to build confidence and use their creative talents to bring joy to otherrs.

Students in Music Class
Students reading
Students Praying
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